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How to Increase Your Google Ads ROI?

How to Increase Your Google Ads ROI For businesses targeting other businesses, Google Ads can be a highly effective but potentially costly method for attracting business inquiries. Maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) from Google Ads is crucial. You can easily find tips on how to achieve this by searching Google. Here are some readily […]

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Do you have Google Ads?

Would you like to track who is clicking on your Ads? IPFingerprint can track the phrases people use to click on your Ad and then identify the business. This feature will optimise conversion rate from Google’s quoted 5% up to as much as 45%. Why integrate Google Ads? Reveal the businesses clicking – not just […]

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Are you integrating with Google Ads?

Besides providing leads from your passive traffic, IPFingerprint is also a powerful accompaniment to your Google Ads campaigns. By integrating IPFingerprint with Google Ads, you can track in real-time when businesses search for one of your keywords and then click on one of your Google Ads adverts. Over time and leveraging reports for ROI analysis […]

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