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If you have any further questions you would like more information for your website, please give our team a call on +44 (0)330 024 0477.

Do we have a FREE version of IPFingerprint?

We offer a FREE 14-day, no obligation trial of IPFingerprint

Apply for a trial today.

What do I have to do to set this up?

Simple, there are three different options to choose from:

  1. WordPress sites – use our dedicated plugin
  2. Google Tag Manager – simply add a new tag with our code
  3. Traditionally coded sites – simply place our code on your web pages, much like adding Google Analytics.

This will then allow IPFingerprint to start collecting visitor data from your website.

How accurate is the company/organisation data that I get?

We pride ourselves on delivering the most accurate leads. In fact, it can be as much as 30-40% more accurate than others, the reason for this is our platform is a LIVE lookup tool and not automated. We believe in the results, that’s why we use it ourselves.

How do I know when a lead has been identified?

All leads are listed when you log into the IPFingerprint platform. You can also setup Daily or Instant Alerts via email which contain lead summaries (this can be filtered easily by geolocation/country, company, category or user). And on top this you can create automatic reporting emailing your leads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Are we GDPR compliant?

Yes, we do not collect or store any personal information. Please also refer to our published White Paper and our dedicated web page ‘The GDPR & Visitor Identification’ for further validation.

Can I exclude companies from showing up as leads?

Yes, you can simply exclude any companies/organisations from appearing as a lead in the platform. And by using Lead Scoring settings you can get even more specific on the types of leads you want to receive e.g. geolocation/country, time spent, pages visited etc.

Why can’t I get this information from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is powerful tool for learning about the behaviour of your website visitors as a whole, but not the intuition that IPFingerprint gives on a specific visitor level.

Our database

We pride ourselves on delivering the most accurate data in the market place and we do not rely on other data providers nor do we buy data.

Do we identify every website visitor?

Yes, IPFingerprint identifies every visitor and categorises them into company/organisation or none business.

How does IPFingerprint essentially work?

We use our own algorithm to analyse various sources of publicly available data to display your business visitors into an intuitive platform.

What if I have more than one website?

No problem, we offer aggregate pricing, please get in touch to find out more.

What payment methods do we accepted?

We accept BACS, Direct Debit, PayPal and all major Credit Cards.

How many people can get access to my account?

Unlimited! Add as many users as you like.

Are there any privacy issues?

No, IPFingerprint does not store or collect any personal information; we only store company/organisation details. Please also refer to our own Privacy Policy for further information.

Does IPFingerprint use browser cookies?

No, because IPFingerprint uses IP address data rather than using cookies. Just like Google Analytics does but more advanced.

How many leads can I expect to get?

This depends on what percentage of visitors to your site are businesses, and the amount of visitors you get to your site.

Using Google Ads on a regular basis?

By integrating IPFingerprint with Google Ads, you can track in real time when businesses search for one of your keywords and then click on one of your Google Ads adverts. Over time and leveraging reports for ROI analysis you’ll gain a top-down view of which campaigns are your star performers and which aren’t pulling their weight. Please get in touch to find out more.

Do we integrate with CRM's?

Yes, IPFingerprint integrates with Salesforce, Maximizer, ZohoDynamics 365Pipedrive and all other major CRM software. By integrating your website with your CRM shortens the sales process, potential leads are in the system immediately after the initial contact. This gives your sales team better data to work with, ultimately leading to better conversion rates. Please get in touch to find out more.

What do our clients think about our product...

Tensor Plc

We carried out extensive side-by-side tests involving several services before deciding to go for IPFingerprint. Our parallel trials revealed that the data provided by IPFingerprint is the most accurate (almost 30% more accurate than that supplied by the market leader for the trial period), while the pricing structure is…


We took a good look at what’s out there before we chose IPFingerprint. It offered the best value for money and the most accurate data which was key in our decision to choose IPFingerprint. A great online user interface helped, as did the open trial which allowed us to assess fully before committing.


IPFingerprint is a valuable tool that assists our marketing team to target specific organisations and even individuals with the new LinkedIn feature. Having worked with the IPFingerprint software and their team over the past 12 months we have come across several new businesses that we now work…

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