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Who's looking at your website?

IPFingerprint is web intelligence software that gives you the power to convert existing unknown web visitors into business.

IPFingerprint will identify the businesses that are looking at your website and it will tell you the pages, services or products that they are viewing. It will tell you how these visitors found your website and, if via Google Ads, which phrases they used to get there. Using the service will lead to more business even without increasing your marketing budget!

Summary of what IPFingerprint tells you…

Business identity and contact details.
Visitor source (Google, campaign link, Facebook, Google Ads, etc…)
Page views and visit duration
Business and individual email addresses

IPFingerprint Unpacked…

Clean user interface – view business visit leads in real time and organise your data with user-specific features.
Email Alerts – Daily or Instant Alerts via email (this can be filtered easily by company, category or user).
Lead Scoring – organise your incoming leads more effectively and deliver relevant data to the right people or teams.
CRM integration – lead profile auto pull-in to Salesforce, Maximizer, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zoho.
LinkedIn & Hunter integration – for prospect research and outreach.
Custom categories – to better organise leads, no-gos and competitors.
Goal Pages – for intuitive visual-cues of visits to specific pages of interest.
Google Ads integration – find out which businesses click which ads. Keep a firm grip on Google Ads spend and increase conversion.
Unlimited users – to empower sales teams large and small with custom-feeds of leads of interest.

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