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We pride ourselves on delivering the most accurate data in the market place and receiving great feedback from our clients makes it even better.

IPFingerprint Testimonials - Tensor Plc

Tensor Plc

We carried out extensive side-by-side tests involving several services before deciding to go for IPFingerprint. Our parallel trials revealed that the data provided by IPFingerprint is the most accurate (almost 30% more accurate than that supplied by the market leader for the trial period), while the pricing structure is also much more competitive. Being able to go for a pay-monthly agreement was a decisive factor too, especially since we hadn’t used such a system before and were not sure of the ROI it could potentially deliver for us.
IPFingerprint has worked well and provided our sales support and telesales team valuable data and multiple leads which we have followed through on. We’re happy with our choice and hope to fully leverage the service’s extensive functionality in the future.

Alex Vochin
Web Content Editor | Tensor Plc

IPFingerprint Testimonials - Concept Smoke Systems

Concept Smoke Systems

IPFingerprint is a valuable tool that assists our marketing team to target specific organisations and even individuals with the new LinkedIn feature. Having worked with the IPFingerprint software and their team over the past 12 months we have come across several new businesses that we now work closely with. Any queries that we have with regards to the software are answered almost immediately and any recommendations that we may have are taken on board and often developed into the package.

We would not hesitate to recommend this software to other businesses who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to improve their marketing strategy.

Andrew Dunnington
Operations Director | Concept Smoke Systems

IPFingerprint Testimonials - Akita Customer Success Software


We took a good look at what’s out there before we chose IPFingerprint. It offered the best value for money and the most accurate data which was key in our decision to choose IPFingerprint. A great online user interface helped, as did the open trial which allowed us to assess fully before committing.

Barry Devon
Head of Sales | Akita

IPFingerprint Testimonials - Pipeline Check

Pipeline Check

We use IPFingerprint to spot potential business by identifying our website visitors. Before we subscribed we tested a few options but decided IPFingerprint offered the cleanest data and also at a great pricing point.

Fiachra Comhrai
Player 1 | Pipeline Check

IPFingerprint Testimonials - RW Machines

RW Group

IPFingerprint has been important in securing new business from new and existing clients and we would highly recommend this software to other businesses.

Brian Thomson
CNC Director | RW Machines Ltd

IPFingerprint Testimonials - Lamp Personnel

Lamb Personnel

IPFingerprint has really helped our business development efforts over the past year.

Deborah Lamb
Managing Director | Lamb Personnel

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