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Google Analytics Alternative

We have had requests from our subscribers for IPFingerprint to provide simple, but usable, stats information as an alternative to the comprehensive stats provided by Google Analytics. As a result, we have added some simple stats features to our dashboard & reports Within our dashboard view, when you log in to the tool, you can […]

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B2B Website Traffic increasing as employees return to the office

Are you heading back to the office next week? ……. This is great news for IPFingerprint as website traffic and business identification will hugely increase for B2B websites, giving you more sales leads, so if you’re looking to increase you sales pipeline and want to drum up more business, now is the time to get […]

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Need more traffic to your website?

Useful article from Business 2 Community “The latest changes to Google’s search algorithms have marketers and web designers scrambling to devise new ways to boost SEO results. If your company is currently struggling to climb the search rankings, you may be missing out on an important tool that helps drive more traffic. The more you […]

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Side-by-side Testing

Side-by-side Testing By Tensor Plc “We carried out extensive side-by-side tests involving several services before deciding to go for IPFingerprint. Our parallel trials revealed that the data provided by IPFingerprint is the most accurate (almost 30% more accurate than that supplied by the market leader for the trial period), while the pricing structure is also […]

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Worried about GDPR? We’re not

Why? After countless mugs of tea, some collective head-scratching and many hours of diligent research, we realised we’ve been pretty much GDPR-proof all along but will be making minor compliance tweaks. The good news; IP tracking will remain legitimate and you’ll still be able to use company email addresses found through Hunter as part of […]

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Websites and the issue of ‘passive traffic’

IPFingerprint Visitor-Tracking: Maximising ROI on Inbound Marketing This White Paper examines how website visitor-tracking can fully harness your website’s potential by identifying the visiting businesses hiding in your ‘passive traffic’ that are ready-to-buy, taking an interest in your offering, but not breaking cover. Read the White Paper to find out why website visitor-tracking is becoming […]

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